Garcinia Cambogia and SDF Taking the Diet Industry by Storm

yankee-garciniaWhen it comes to diets that help us loose unwanted fat and excess weight we are all looking for the most effective path. There is a buzz going on all over the country over a diet called the Super Fruit Diet. It’s being hailed as one of the biggest breaks in modern diet and nutrition. Most importantly word of mouth from those that have tried it with pure garcinia cambogia extract and had fantastic results is flooding the country.

So we all need to know about this amazing product and how it can help each one of us. has some really detailed info on the garcinia cambogia. But one of the new key ingredient is Raspberry Ketone which is being produced by New Life Botanicals and named SDF-3 is the key to this fantastic formula. This product is a all natural diet supplement that offers super fruit properties that many have herd about. Doctor Qz is the name that goes with the reputation of this amazing product. Dr Qz on the Dr. Qz Show has talked about super fruit and is considered the leading expert in all natural food and super fruit weight loss products. This amazing formula has all the previous super fruit ingredients like Acai Berry, African Mango, and Green Coffee Bean extract and now has a new key ingredient Raspberry Ketone.

This fantastic new formula is becoming the rave of the diet industry. These all natural ingredients each has its own targeted area of benefit, Green Coffee Bean extract for keeping the body from absorbing fats, African Mango to control hunger in the body, and the most powerful Acai Berry. This little berry has the amazing effect of depressing hunger, speeding up the metabolism and burning up the fat. Raspberry Ketone has super fat burning qualities and when the formula is all put together it is a super diet product worthy of the name super fruit diet. Test results show fantastic potential and Dr. Oz himself has stated his great amazement in the new ingredient Raspberry Ketone.

He stated that he was more impressed in endorsing the Raspberry Ketone than he was about any of the other super fruits. It can get very over whelming to keep up with all the super fruit info and diets. However Dr. Oz does not just blindly endorse products for his own gain and is highly scrutinizing and objective. Dr. Oz is a light in the sea of information that can give you guidance and watching him can give one great insight into the natural diet field. He can be seen on the Dr. Oz show and is one to give it to you straight with no smoke and mirrors.